‘I’m the world’s hottest gran avoiding anti-ageing creams keeps me looking young’

When we think of grandmothers with ‘youthful looks’ our minds might associate this with cosmetic surgery or an amazing skincare regime, using plenty of anti-ageing products that we can’t afford. But a woman dubbed the ‘world’s hottest gran’ claims these aren’t the ‘secret’ to her flawless skin.

Gina Steward, 51, who is regularly called a ‘goddess’ by her 40,000 social media followers online, has shared her top tips for maintaining her 20-something-looking appearance – and it’s far from what you might expect. Instead of using all sorts of lotions and potions, she claims her top beauty secret is to do with her pillow.

Ahead of revealing her top tip to achieving and maintaining flawless skin, she asked fellow Instagrammers if they’d heard of the wrinkles that develop when they’re asleep.

Whilst people may initially think to use lotions, Gina explained how they can sometimes prove worse for your skin rather than improve the dreaded lines.

Instead of using pesky creams, she insisted that others should follow in her footsteps by using a special kind of pillow.

She asked her followers: “Who wants youthful skin and a glowing complexion while you sleep?

“Hair and skin beauty tips/tricks and hacks. You’ve heard of fine lines and wrinkles, but what about sleep wrinkles?

“These deep set lines form thanks to overnight facial compression as we put pressure on the delicate skin of the face and neck as we sleep.

“Topical lotions and potions won’t help to alleviate these pesky wrinkles, so what can?”

She then revealed that her number one tip to avoid wrinkles is by using a silk pillowcase.

“Have you ever thought of trying a pillowcase skincare? Making the switch to a silk pillowcase will help to support your nightly skincare routine,” she added.

“Silk’s naturally soft fibres are hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and allow skin and hair to glide smoothly across.

“Less breakouts, less redness and irritation and stronger, tangle free hair – need we say more?!

“I sleep on a silk pillowcase every night, and I can no longer put my face or hair onto rough material.

“Silk is also antimicrobial. Silk is often used for biomedical applications for its ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

“This means that your pillowcases are not going to be transferring bacteria onto your face more than say, cotton.

“Also, if you have acne or sensitive skin, the silk pillowcases, with silk’s no friction are going to cause less inflammation.”

Fellow beauty fans were keen to gush over Gina’s youthful looks as they took to the comment section of her latest Instagram post.

Showing her DIY skills off to her followers, she got hold of some scissors and even used the pillowcase in question as a new fashionable outfit.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think about wearing a standard size pillowcase, just cut the end off and step in,” she wrote.

“Beautiful as always,” one user said.

A second agreed: “A Goddess!!”

A third added: “And in a million years I wouldn’t have guessed that is what it was…”